What visitors want to see on your website

What visitors want to see on your website

The number one priority for any business is to satisfy the needs of their customers. The same applies to your website, you need to give visitors what they want to see.

Your website is where you showcase your products and services and is a way of showing visitors what your business is all about. Starting a website can at times be overwhelming because you want to find the perfect way to showcase your business and as a result you often end up filling your website with unnecessary content or choosing an over the top design. It is important when conceptualising your website to keep in mind what the visitor will be looking for when they come to your website. It is often helpful to imagine yourself as a visitor to your website, what would you be looking to find?

It is also important to remember that the term visitor should not be used loosely, visitor does not mean everyone who forms part of the general public. Visitors in this regard are your target market; the people who you are trying to sell your product/service to. You need your website to attract this specific group of people and as such you should already have a clear image in your mind of who these people are and what their preferences are before you embark on the process of designing and building your website. Once you have this figured out, you can start thinking about what you should include in your website.


Get to the point

Your website visitors don’t want to spend a long time reading or trying to find what they are looking for. As soon as it becomes too much effort to find what they are looking for, visitors will leave your website and try a different website which leaves you losing out on a potential customer to your competitors who may have a better, more informative website. By understanding your target market, you will have a better idea of what information will be relevant and of value to them.

First things first, your visitors will want to know that you offer the services or products that they are looking for before they delve any further into your website. Therefore, it should be immediately apparent to them once they reach your website. A clear description on the home-page is perfect for this, keep it short and to the point.  For example, if someone was searching for a financial advisor and they clicked through to your website, they need to instantly see that you are offering what they need, if this is not immediately apparent and they have to start clicking though to a secondary page to find out, there is a very high chance that they will bounce off your website.

Once they have established that you offer what they need they will stay on the website and look for more information to aid them in their decision of whether to contact you or not. This is a crucial stage in the process because if the information is not there, again, you will lose that visitor. Remember, nobody really takes the time to read anymore so I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to keep everything neat, clear and to the point.

These are the key bits of information that I personally feel will be of value to your visitors:

– Clear company description
– Previous work / projects
– Pricing
– Contact information

Have a clean-cut design with simple navigation

As discussed in our previous blog, first impressions are crucial and as such your website needs to be visually appealing and easy to navigate. The navigation is important, keep it simple and make sure each page is clearly marked and that it is easy for the user to work their way through the website without getting lost.

Finally, the look and feel of your website is your bait and without good bait you won’t make a catch. Make sure that you have a clear, clean cut design that compliments your business rather than something that is over the top and confusing to look at. Simplicity is key here, a good design can make or break the success of your website so make sure you have taken the time to carefully think about the design, clours and layout of your website.

Don’t be overlooked because you don’t have a website

Don’t be overlooked because you don’t have a website

Whether you are a small company or a large corporate business, it is becoming increasingly important to have a good online presence. We have reached a time where credibility and an online presence go hand in hand. Your website is a way to market yourself to the public and it provides a platform to tell customers why they should trust you; it helps to make your company look like a professional, legitimate company. Most people will search online for a company before they make any decisions so that they can first check the credibility.

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